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Mainspring GNL Application Rates

Use Rate
**Foliar Spray
2 – 16 fl oz/100 gal
(4-8 floz/100gal for most pests)
Chewing and Sucking Pests
Soil Broadcast Spray
2 – 20 fl oz/Acre
(8-16 floz/A for grubs)
8 – 12 fl oz/100 gal
Extended systemic control of chewing and sucking pests
Soil Systemic Treatment
(by drench or soil injection)
0.125 – 0.25 fl oz
per foot of height or per inch diameter at breast height (dbh)
Extended systemic control of chewing and sucking pests in large specimen plants
Bark Spray
4 – 32 fl oz/100 gal
Clearwing borers and others

For crops and plants grown outdoors, do not apply more than 32 fl. oz. of Mainspring GNL per acre per year.

**Use of an adjuvant may help improve spray coverage on waxy or difficult-to-wet leaf surfaces and will help minimize visible spray residue

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