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Using Mainspring GNL in Outdoor Production

Mainspring can be used in:

  • Perennial crops:
    • Apply preventively as a foliar spray when pest pressure from leaf-feeding beetles, aphids, thrips, caterpillars, etc., is starting. This will prevent pest populations from building to damaging levels.
    • Apply as a drench to hanging baskets once plants are rooted in (2 - 3 weeks after transplanting liners) or before plants are suspended in greenhouse.
    • Drench applications should be made once plants are well rooted. Drench applications will provide longer residual control across the pest spectrum.
  • Woody Ornamentals (shrubs/trees):
    • Begin foliar applications on two-week intervals as pest pressure is starting to control leaf-feeding beetles, lacebugs, aphids, thrips, lepidopteran pests, etc.
    • Use systemic soil treatments for season-long protection from difficult to control pests such as soft scales, adelgids, plant bugs, psyllids, leafminers, leaf-feeding beetles.
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