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Azoxystrobin increases water use efficiency while acibenzolar-s-methyl (ASM) activates plant proteins that prevent dehydration and increase photosynthesis. ASM also regulates plant’s stomata, or pores, to control water vapor release and enhance drought tolerance.

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Delivers enhanced control of dollar spot and anthracnose and suppresses Pythium blight and bacterial wilt by stimulating the plant’s natural defense against pathogens.

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Defends roots from nematode damage, which leads to enhanced root quality and mass for healthier, stronger turf that absorbs nutrients more effectively.

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Provides a greener color through a uniquely pigmented formula designed to increase stress tolerance and improve turf quality. Formulated to mix with Daconil Action™ fungicide to protect plants and enhance aesthetics.

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Slows turf growth and improves turf quality by inhibiting the plant hormone responsible for cell elongation. This leads to more compact cells and higher chlorophyll content for enhanced photosynthetic activity.

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Important: Always read and follow label instructions

to the Condition. Perform. Recover. Photo Contest Grand Prize Winners!

Turf Fitness Winner
Logan Horne
Louisa County High School

Personal Fitness Winner
Neal Sitzman
New York Red Bulls

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To perform at the highest level, athletes must train their bodies using proper nutrition, hydration, strength training, skill refinement, sleep, stretching and more. Similarly, achieving exceptional turf quality requires using multiple methods and proven products. Syngenta offers a powerful portfolio with multiple products and active ingredients that have been tested to strategically help turf perform at its best and defend against biotic and abiotic stress. Learn more about how you can plan ahead and strategically use these products together in a yearlong agronomic program.

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Mike Moyer
Mike Moyer
Superintendent, Bear Trap Dunes
Ocean View, DE
"[Mike Agnew & Doug Rider] have both been great resources to me being newer to the area than some of the other superintendents around here."

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