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Ascernity® fungicide combines an advanced SDHI and the proven cooling DMI to bring broad-spectrum disease control into focus.

Product Details

Ascernity Fungicide

Ascernity fungicide combines SOLATENOL® technology (benzovindiflupyr) – an advanced SDHI for golf course turf – and difenoconazole, the proven cooling DMI, to prevent and control several key diseases in cool and warm-season turf including large patch, brown patch and anthracnose with no heat restrictions.

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Important notes:

  • Always read and follow the directions for use and other instructions on the label of each container.

  • The US EPA approved an amended label for Ascerntiy fungicide on September 14, 2020. This amended label is currently not registered for sale or use in CA. The previous Ascernity label is still valid for use in CA.

Active Ingredients:

SOLATENOL® technology (benzovindiflupyr), difenoconazole

HRAC/FRAC/IRAC Classification:

Group 3, 7 Fungicide



Label Details

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          Features & Benefits

          Exceptional Disease Control

          • Is very active against Rhizoctonia diseases
          • Offers enhanced control of anthracnose, large patch, brown patch and dollar spot
          • Provides longer residual on large patch than current industry standards and is now the cornerstone of the Syngenta Large Patch Assurance program
          • Can be used as part of an agronomic program for resistance management and disease control

          Large Patch Assurance

          The key to protecting your turf from large patch is through preventive fungicide applications. When you follow our large patch assurance program you are guaranteed 90% large patch control on your treated turf, or Syngenta will provide product for a rescue treatment at no cost.*

          For full program details, download our Large Patch Assurance Program Sheet.

          Excellent Turf Safety and No Heat Restrictions

          • Safe for all turf species during times of high-stress times with no heat restrictions
          • Can be applied with no PGR effects, phytotoxicity, thinning or unwanted regulation

          *Terms and conditions apply. See full program for details.

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