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Missed your preventive grub application? Not to worry

By Matt Giese, M.S., technical services manager for Syngenta

Keeping turfgrass healthy is hectic. Fertilize, irrigate and mow. Repeat, and repeat often.

Sometimes it can be challenging to keep up with the demands of maintaining high-quality turf. Maybe your customer didn’t sign on for your preventive white grub insecticide service this season, or you acquired a new account and have already seen some adult beetle activity.

Not to worry: while curative white grub control is not as effective as preventive applications, you do have options available for the rest of the season.

Meridian® brand insecticide offers broad-spectrum, curative activity against common white grub species that feed on turfgrass. It is available in two different types of formulations — Meridian 0.33G (granule), and Meridian 25WG (liquid). Its relative solubility and stability in the soil are suited for extended soil residual that remains in the grub zone, especially for applications made between egg hatch and the second instar life stage (when grubs are less than half their adult size).

For optimum curative control:

  • Inform your customers to avoid mowing their lawns until the treated area has been irrigated to allow for maximum, uniform uptake into the turfgrass
  • Water-in the application within 24 hours of application (seven days for preventive)
  • For turf with heavy thatch (less than 0.75 in.), use the higher Meridian rate
  • Both the liquid and granular forms of Meridian, as well as Caravan® G insecticide, are effective at this timing

​​​​​​​Meridian included Meridian 0.33G and Meridian 25WG. Dylox® included Dylox 420 SL insecticide and Dylox 6.2 granular insecticide. Data from Entomological Society of America publications (1977-2008) & Ohio State University testing using masked chafer and Japanese beetle data where label timing recommendations were used and at least 4.0 grubs per ft.2 were found in checks.

When you need to combat white grubs and disease pressure at the same time, Caravan G offers the convenience of an insecticide and fungicide in one product, and contains the same active ingredients found in Meridian and Heritage® fungicide. Curative applications should be timed similarly to Meridian applications and may also potentially yield three weeks of brown patch control.

Consider Meridian or Caravan G for your curative white grub insecticide needs in convenient granular and liquid formulations. For more information about season-long grub control, read this article about application timing or view our Caravan G information sheet.

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