Get control you can count on with GreenTrust 365 assurance programs

Confidently protect your turf with leading agronomic recommendations and performance guarantees. This year, we’re introducing one updated and two new Syngenta GreenTrust® 365 assurance programs. Each one comes with a program approach that is supported with industry-leading service. If you are not satisfied with the results, Syngenta will provide product to control any breakthroughs. 

NEW WeevilTrak Annual Bluegrass Weevil Assurance 

ENHANCED Mole Cricket Assurance  
  • Provides guaranteed control of mole crickets 
  • Pairs proper regional application timing with agronomic best practices with the following products:  
    • Provaunt WDG
  • Download the assurance sheet

Spring Dead Spot + Take-all Root Rot Assurance 

Fairy Ring Assurance 
  • Provides preventive strategies for assured fairy ring control 
  • Combines application timing and tips with a detailed rotation schedule of the following products: 
  • Guarantees control of mini ring, summer patch and take-all patch
  • Download the assurance sheet

Large Patch Assurance

In addition to these latest product assurances, Syngenta also offers the following programs:
Get peace of mind knowing your agronomic program is supported by industry expertise with Syngenta assurance programs. For more information, visit or contact your local Syngenta territory manager

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